Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Day 6

Well - we left Donna and Bobby's that night after supper as we decided if we could get in at least 3 hours, the drive wouldn't be quite as bad the next day.  We were all getting tired and cabin fever of the car.  We got home on Friday around 4:30 PM all safe and happy to see our 5 dogs waiting for us.
Oh yes!  We had started entertaining ourselves before we got home.
Love you Steve, Jackson and Hailey for making this one of my BEST vacation's ever and to Donna, Bobby and Meme - we all enjoyed your hospitality (Meme especially)  Love you All!

Vacation Day 6

Schlitterbahn here we come!  Donna, Bobby and Meme were so gracious, fixed us an ice chest with drinks and food to carry with us and even drove down to it so we could follow and get the very best parking space.  We were there when it opened and had so much fun.  It was a long day but not one that we will ever regret.  The only regret we may have is that we didn't ride as many rides as Jackson and Hailey did.

Vacation Day 5

At this point we have had such a good time and are headed to my cousin's house in New Braunfels.  Before we left the San Antonio area we decided to go to the Texan Culture Museum and the Tower of the America's which is 75 stories tall and gives you a great view of San Antonio.   We treated Jackson and Hailey to lunch at the Chart House Restaurant which was on the top of the tower and revolved while you ate.
After we ate here we headed on to Donna, Bobby and Meme's home in New Braunfels.  Donna and Bobby carried us to Gruene, Texas for the night and we had so much fun.  We found out that there is so much to do in that area of Texas and we didn't even put a dent in it.  We will be going back and hopefully real soon.

Vacation Day 4

We started day 4 with breakfast at Taco Taco which was off the beaten tourist path. Again this restaurant was featured in magazines we'd read about. We had never been to a Mexican Restaurant for breakfast so this was a first for all of us.
At El Mercado for shopping after breakfast.

 Afternoon at Rippley's, Guinness World Records, Louis Tussauds Wax Museam and the Mirror Maze.

Vacation Day 3

This is our day at Sea World and the Lost Lagoon

Vacation Day 2

Day 2 of our vacation was Father's Day so we were ready to do whatever Steve wanted to do.  We first went to the IMAX Theater to see the movie about the Alamo and then to the Alamo.  After the Alamo we went to the Buckhorn Saloon and the Texas Ranger Museum. Both attractions were so much fun with lots of stuff to look at. Just look at all the critters in our picture and that was a small sampling of the critters. The pool called us that afternoon and I went with Jackson and Hailey to the pool while Steve relaxed watching golf.
Dinner along the Riverwalk at Zocca

Vacation Day 1

On Saturday. June 19th, we left at 5:00 AM headed towards San Antonio, Texas.  Steve drove us to Lexington, Texas for lunch at Snow's BBQ which he had read about several months earlier.  Has anyone ever been there?  If you have, you know that you have to be there early to eat and if your too late, they are sold out of everything and then you'll have to wait until the next Saturday to eat.  So we were under lots of pressure to get there early enough to eat and we did.  We had Ribs, Brisket and Sausage and had already sold out of Chicken.  Very Good! If your ever in the area it is 17 miles off the interstate.  From Snow's we drove on to San Antonio and checked into the Hotel Contessa (Beautiful Suites only) Hotel on the Riverwalk.  We walked down the Riverwalk to take the river cruise, eat at Casa Rio for supper and went to the Fiest Noche Del Rio at the Arneson Theater right on the Riverwalk.  Lot's of fun for the day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

This month is flying by and really the year 2010 is too.  So far I have had so many ups and downs in the first 9 days of June than I can remember. Today is an up day because I found my wedding rings last night that I had lost Sunday afternoon sitting at the dining room table all by myself.  Not only did I lose my rings, I broke a globe on my antique  lamp that was my grandmother's and can probably never find another globe for it.  Then right as we got ready to eat, Steve broke a full bottle of Balsamic vinegar on the kitchen floor that went everywhere.  Need I mention that I have done more cleaning and cleaning out of the house in the last 3 days.  Monday morning was when I realized that my rings were lost and I looked and looked the house over before I went to work.  When I got home that afternoon I continued searching the house then I even went out to the trash where I went through 2 bags of trash, sifting very closely for my rings YUK.  As of last night I had come to grips that the rings were gone forever.  I figured that I'd missed them in the trash or that one of the dogs had swallowed or burried them in the backyard never to be found.  Steve cooked fajitas for us last night and I had been drinking a glass of wine while talking with Jackson and Hailey.  We were about to eat so I started cleaning off the kitchen table so the four of us could sit and eat together.  When I got to the pepper shaker - WOW - there they were hanging on the shaker.  You know everone has one of those day every now and then - where you really start to doubt yourself - not remembering and everything starts to get really fuzzy.  Well - all is very clear this morning and I am really happy.